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    Home Office Organization Tips To Help You Celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day

    Home Office Organization Tips To Help You Celebrate Clean Off Your Desk Day

    Having an office space that is clutter free and clean is one of the first steps to better productivity and workflow. And as if being able to find what you need isn’t enough, you’ll also enjoy the image of professionalism that your space relays to visitors, your coworkers, and more.

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    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Moms

    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Moms

    Let’s just be clear from the very beginning: Mom does not want those lotion and bath gift sets you’ll see prominently displayed at every store. They are tempting, though, because moms can be difficult to buy for. It doesn’t help when their answer to the question “What would you like for Christmas?” is so often, “All of my kids home and happy.” We’ve put together some ideas for those hard to buy for moms on your list that they’ll appreciate almost as much as just having their family around the table.

    Kitchen Organization

    If the moms in your life have been binge watching “The Home Edit,” like so many of us have, then some cute home organization tools would be perfect for her! These canisters (also available in white) will give her a jumpstart on organizing the kitchen. Plus, those gorgeous canisters will make holiday baking much easier.

    Mom & Child Journal


    We all know how important it is to write to Mom and make sure we get her knowledge and stories documented, but it’s hard to know how. This dual journal for mom and child to be completed and passed back and forth will create charming memories for years to come. Each page has prompts, so children ages 7 to 107 can enjoy this keepsake communication with Mom. Best of all, this gift is perfect whether you live in the same house or on opposite sides of the globe.


    Jewelry Organizer

    Available in multiple finishes, this beautiful jewelry organizer is sure to be a hit! Mom will finally be able to untangle all those necklaces and find that matching earring. Plus, she’ll have an organized place to keep nail polish, perfume, and other accessories on the cute shelf. Pair it with a new bauble or an offer to install it for her and your gift is complete!

    Sewing Station


    For the crafty mom, this convenient little sewing station will quickly become her favorite gift. It includes a pin cushion, a slot for sewing scissors, and plenty of storage inside for thread, measuring tape, buttons, and any other tools Mom might want handy. She’ll enjoy this pretty little sewing assistant and you will likely get to enjoy the resulting projects!


    Bathroom Humor

    If Mom has a sense of humor, and especially if she’s potty training or surrounded by boys, these bathroom signs are a necessity. If you really want to impress her, you’ll also include an offer to clean the bathroom, though you can also just have them framed and ready to go. Either way, she’ll definitely appreciate these signs. This one might just make dad giggle, too! 

    Treat Yourself


    Now that you’ve scored the best gifts for the moms you love, it’s time to treat yourself to this adorable cookie tin (cookies, unfortunately, not included) from which to enjoy your favorite treats while you get those gifts all wrapped. Let us know which gifts were a hit for the moms on your list. Happy holidays!



    And The Winner is......

    And The Winner is......

    Our fall giveaway has come to a close, and we are excited to announce that our winner is: 

     Christine Lewis from Struthers, Ohio! 


    We're so excited for you! 


    Did you like this giveaway?  Let us know!  We loved working with Jackie and Krystle, and we hope you loved getting to know them! 


    Fall Giveaway Now Live

    Fall Giveaway Now Live

    Hey friends!  We've partnered with our friends Jackie from Sprinkles and Confetti, and Krystle from Queen of the Beehive to bring you our super fun fall give away! 

    Go here to enter!

    Our giveaway features a fun prize pack worth +$150! It includes: 

    1. Sweet & Salty 2 pack canister set from Outshine co. Choose from white lids or blue/mint. ($39.99 value)
    2. $50 Starbucks Gift card to get your Mom Fuel!
    4. Beautiful fall throw (for those cool evenings) from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia from Target
    5. Buffalo Plaid paper party pack from Sprinkles & Confetti
    6. Buffalo Plaid Fall decor items to help get your home in the mood for the season!

    sweet canister

    Spruce Up Your Table & Mantel on a Budget

    Spruce Up Your Table & Mantel on a Budget


    There’s nothing quite as nice as looking around a room that you’ve just redecorated and spruced up. A fresh look can make it feel like you have a brand-new house. Redecorating an entire room can be tough on the wallet, though. You can create a new look on a budget without skimping on style just by giving your dining room table and fireplace a facelift.


    Dressing Up the Dining Room


    The table is typically the centerpiece of every dining room, and although it often gets some special attention during the holidays, sprucing it up other times of the year can really brighten up your entire dining room and give it a new look. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas for making your table shine:


    Add a Table Cloth – Of course, some people choose to hide their table with a table cloth, but a table cloth can add a lot of charm to your décor. One that is brightly colored for the season can add a lot, or a little color, or choose one that is more muted to make other décor pop.


    Think in Layers – When decorating your dining room table, think in layers. Remember the last tip we mentioned a muted color for your table cloth? Here is a chance to add placemats on your muted table cloth that add color. You can also mix up patterns and fabrics, and add elements such as paper, glass, metal, and florals.

    Fall tablescape with pumpkins & gourds, cheesecloth runner and tea candles



    Simple Centerpiece – Big pillar candles can add height to your table centerpiece, as do plants on a cake stand or flowers in a vase. You can also use garlands straightened out the length of the table or wrapped into a circle as a base for other décor.

    Fall tablescape with pumpkin plates and tall pillar candles



    Plants and More Plants – There are so many options when it comes to plants, and whatever you choose they will bring color and life to your dining room. Think outside the box when choosing a container for your plants. A cute basket, an old pitcher, an antique lantern, a rustic watering can, or even a simple Mason jar can make great containers for your centerpiece.

    Flowers in mason jars


    Freshening Up the Fireplace Mantel


    Often the fireplace is in the family room and is a focal point for the home. Many people, just like the dining room table, dress up the mantel for special occasions, but it can be beautiful other times of the year too. It can be costly to decorate a fireplace, but you can show it a lot of love just by using things from your yard and around your home so you can make it stylish on a budget.


     Display Artwork – While many people choose to hang a television above the fireplace, this isn’t a requirement! Instead, consider placing an oversized piece of artwork or photo on your mantel instead. The artwork can contain the same colors as other pops of color in your house to make it really stand out.

    Large painting on light colored fireplace mantle


    Go All Out with Greenery – If you have garland that you use at Christmas time, it can be repurposed to use the rest of the year. Simply add some other florals, candles, or touches to it and you have décor that will last year-round.

    Go Classic with a Clock – This may seem a bit traditional, but an oversized clock can make a great backdrop for family photos, artwork, and a bit of greenery. The extra touches can make the mantel feel more personal and pulled together.

    Clock and plants on a white fireplace mantle


    Let a Mirror Speak for Itself – A mirror is a classic addition to the mantel because it will beam natural light around the room and make it feel bigger. Add a few photos and succulents and you have perked up your room for next to nothing.


    Show Off Your Collection – Your mantel is a perfect spot to showcase your collection. Whether you like vases, sculptures, pottery, or even books, go for it. Your favorite pieces can be arranged front and center, just be sure that your collection is small enough it doesn’t overwhelm the space.


    As you can see, just a few small touches, even with objects around your home and yard, can go a long way in making your home feel refreshed and new. So, why wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas rolls around to make your home feel new?






    Quarantine Clean-Up?  Yes please!

    Quarantine Clean-Up? Yes please!

    Now is the Perfect Time to Clean Up and Get Organized


    Have you been binging on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix while you’re stuck at home? Are you ready to organize and clean things that you didn’t even realize needed to be organized and cleaned?

    We’re talking deep clean and major organization.

    It’s not as hard as it sounds and we’ve got a few tips to make it easy peasy.


    • Make a Checklist – It may sound unnecessary, but making a checklist will make the process so much easier. Stroll through your home and make a list of everything that needs to be organized and cleaned. Our journals are perfect to create your list in – both beautiful and functional. Once you have the list, group things together by task. For example, wash the shower curtain, bath mat, and kitchen towels.
    • Create a Schedule That Will Work for You – Once you’ve made your list, place them into your schedule – even if that means you will only work on a couple of tasks each day. You don’t have to try to tackle this project in a day or even one weekend.
    • Assemble a Cleaning Kit – This also goes along with creating your list. Having a checklist makes it easier to know what supplies you need to get the work done. What types of cleaners do you need? You likely need some paper towels, a mop, vacuum, tools to dust, etc. Go ahead and get these things together so you are ready to go once you get started.
    • Consider Renting Equipment – Many home improvement stores and even some grocery stores rent cleaning appliances by the hour. If you need one of these tools, rent a furniture steamer, floor polisher, pressure washer, carpet shampooer or others when elbow grease just isn’t going to cut it.


    Time to Tackle the Work


    Now that you’ve made your list and assembled the tools, it’s time to get started. Here are a few tips for tackling the list.


    • Start With the Laundry – Gather all the dirty clothes, rugs, and towels and take them to the laundry room. Start your first load of laundry, but don’t strip the beds yet.
    • Raid the Fridge – It’s likely that you have dirty dishes hiding in your refrigerator. Clean out those dishes as well as anything that is spoiled or past its expiration date. Give the freezer the same treatment. Consider organizing your kitchen using our utensil holder.
    • Wash the Dishes and Take Out the Trash – You don’t want that rotten food sitting in the trash or the dirty dishes in the sink. So, take out the trash and wash and put away all the dishes.
    • Don’t Forget the Window Treatments – If you have curtains that can be washed, put them in the washer and get those clean. Be sure to wipe down any blinds as well.
    • Work on Those Surfaces – Get rid of any clutter from your kitchen, dining room, and living room surfaces. Give your countertops a thorough wipe down and then dust all other flat surfaces. If you need some organization for your countertops or desk, try one of the pieces from our galvanized home collection.
    • Now for the Bathroom – Spray down the toilet, sink, and tub. Give them time to soak and then start wiping them down to clean them. This is also a good day to replace the toothbrushes and shower curtain if you haven’t done that in a while.
    • Wash the Bed Sheets – Strip all the sheets off the beds and wash and dry them while you tackle the next task.
    • Vacuum and Mop – While your bed linens are washing, vacuum and mop all your floors. After that is done, put all the beds back together.


    Now it’s time for the best part of cleaning and organizing your home. Sit down with and relax and admire your hard work. Need tips on how to create a deep cleaning schedule?  Check that out here!