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    6 Design Trends for 2021: What You Can Expect

    6 Design Trends for 2021: What You Can Expect

    We can probably all agree that 2020 has been a strange year. The world went on lock-down and people spent more time indoors than ever before. What has happened as a result though, will likely be seen in the design trends for 2021.


    This year people have been able to tend to their home comforts in new ways, and since a home’s interior can have a big impact to our mental well-being, there are a few upcoming trends that we are pretty excited about.


    Today’s lifestyle is all about being trendy and beautiful, but still earthy, organic, simple, reusable, and recyclable. We are in pursuit of luxury and style while still admiring nature and being earth friendly. With that in mind, here are a few sneak peeks of what is to come in 2021.


    Naval Inspirations

    navy sofa and accent wall in simple room


    Navy isn’t an easy color to execute, but it’s beauty can’t be argued. It goes against all of the advice for using light colors to open up space and can bring sophisticated masculinity to a room. If you aren’t ready to jump all in and paint your dining room walls navy, consider a few decorative accessories such as pillows, dinner plates, or art. Keep in mind that as long as you have enough natural light coming into the space, navy walls won’t leave your space in the dark.


    Less is More

    Clean desk with one lamp and single plant


    Clean lines, simplicity, monochromatic, and clutter free spaces are all part of the minimalism trend that we will be seeing in 2021. If you really want to jump on board with this trend and make your décor modern and minimalistic, look around your space and ask yourself what can be stored, removed, or at least removed from view. You have to be consistent and go back to the room several times to continue to simplify.



    Neutral colored living room sofa with light walls


    Greige, or grey + beige, is going to be hot for 2021. Grey has been a staple home design color for years, but without the right balance of color, grey can make a space feel cold and empty. Beige, however, can make a space too warm. That’s where greige comes in. It works in both warm and cool spaces and creates a sense of balance and calm.


    House Plants

    Houseplants on a light table sofa in background


    House plants have been on trend for years, but have become especially popular as we are all faced with being inside more than usual. However, not everyone has a green thumb. If you are a lover of the plant trend, but can’t seem to keep your plants alive, you’ll be happy with the plant trend of 2021.


    In 2021, it will be okay to turn toward faux plants. There are so many that look realistic, faux plants have become respected in some of the most distinguished design circles. Another option is dried flowers. These beautiful displays can last up to two years and open up a whole world of possibilities. Think dried foliage and ornamental grasses just to name a few.


    Natural Materials

    wood, rattan and neutral colored room.  Natural elements inside


    While we’re on the subject of plants, let’s dig a little deeper into nature. Being stuck inside we’ve lost touch with the earth, water, and sky – all the outdoor elements that make us feel relaxed and refreshed. 2021 will bring these elements into our homes not just through plants but other outdoor elements such as wood, sea shells, stone, wicker, rattan, and more.


    Give wood, bamboo, or cork floors a try. Decorate with floral, animal, or botanical prints. Choose ecological materials made of natural fibers and use neutral colors to feel closer to nature.


    Light Colored Woods

    Light wood console table


    In 2021 the focus will be about making our home interiors cozy so it should be no surprise that some of the influence will come from Scandinavia. They take advantage of natural light and create interiors that are warm and comfortable. Their styles are minimalist, simple, and functional.


    This trend will highlight light colored woods in floors and other areas to reflect light. Soft textures in carpet and functional, minimal furniture. Spaces are large, open, bright, and comfortable.


    Whatever trends you decide to try in 2021, the one thing all of them have in common is comfort. So, lighten up your space, use some natural, cozy materials, and turn your castle into a relaxing, soothing space that you love.




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    Fall Giveaway Now Live

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    September Downloadables Now Available- Free!

    September Downloadables Now Available- Free!

    September ushers in the fall.

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    Written by Outshine Co for Outshine Co`.

    Spruce Up Your Table & Mantel on a Budget

    Spruce Up Your Table & Mantel on a Budget


    There’s nothing quite as nice as looking around a room that you’ve just redecorated and spruced up. A fresh look can make it feel like you have a brand-new house. Redecorating an entire room can be tough on the wallet, though. You can create a new look on a budget without skimping on style just by giving your dining room table and fireplace a facelift.


    Dressing Up the Dining Room


    The table is typically the centerpiece of every dining room, and although it often gets some special attention during the holidays, sprucing it up other times of the year can really brighten up your entire dining room and give it a new look. Here are a few budget-friendly ideas for making your table shine:


    Add a Table Cloth – Of course, some people choose to hide their table with a table cloth, but a table cloth can add a lot of charm to your décor. One that is brightly colored for the season can add a lot, or a little color, or choose one that is more muted to make other décor pop.


    Think in Layers – When decorating your dining room table, think in layers. Remember the last tip we mentioned a muted color for your table cloth? Here is a chance to add placemats on your muted table cloth that add color. You can also mix up patterns and fabrics, and add elements such as paper, glass, metal, and florals.

    Fall tablescape with pumpkins & gourds, cheesecloth runner and tea candles



    Simple Centerpiece – Big pillar candles can add height to your table centerpiece, as do plants on a cake stand or flowers in a vase. You can also use garlands straightened out the length of the table or wrapped into a circle as a base for other décor.

    Fall tablescape with pumpkin plates and tall pillar candles



    Plants and More Plants – There are so many options when it comes to plants, and whatever you choose they will bring color and life to your dining room. Think outside the box when choosing a container for your plants. A cute basket, an old pitcher, an antique lantern, a rustic watering can, or even a simple Mason jar can make great containers for your centerpiece.

    Flowers in mason jars


    Freshening Up the Fireplace Mantel


    Often the fireplace is in the family room and is a focal point for the home. Many people, just like the dining room table, dress up the mantel for special occasions, but it can be beautiful other times of the year too. It can be costly to decorate a fireplace, but you can show it a lot of love just by using things from your yard and around your home so you can make it stylish on a budget.


     Display Artwork – While many people choose to hang a television above the fireplace, this isn’t a requirement! Instead, consider placing an oversized piece of artwork or photo on your mantel instead. The artwork can contain the same colors as other pops of color in your house to make it really stand out.

    Large painting on light colored fireplace mantle


    Go All Out with Greenery – If you have garland that you use at Christmas time, it can be repurposed to use the rest of the year. Simply add some other florals, candles, or touches to it and you have décor that will last year-round.

    Go Classic with a Clock – This may seem a bit traditional, but an oversized clock can make a great backdrop for family photos, artwork, and a bit of greenery. The extra touches can make the mantel feel more personal and pulled together.

    Clock and plants on a white fireplace mantle


    Let a Mirror Speak for Itself – A mirror is a classic addition to the mantel because it will beam natural light around the room and make it feel bigger. Add a few photos and succulents and you have perked up your room for next to nothing.


    Show Off Your Collection – Your mantel is a perfect spot to showcase your collection. Whether you like vases, sculptures, pottery, or even books, go for it. Your favorite pieces can be arranged front and center, just be sure that your collection is small enough it doesn’t overwhelm the space.


    As you can see, just a few small touches, even with objects around your home and yard, can go a long way in making your home feel refreshed and new. So, why wait until Thanksgiving or Christmas rolls around to make your home feel new?






    How to Ensure a Tight Seal on your Cookie Jar!

    How to Ensure a Tight Seal on your Cookie Jar!

    What’s up guys! Today is tip Tuesday and we’re going to share with you how to get a tighter fit with your cookie jar lid. If you have our cookie jar in white or mint, this blog & video is for you.



    So, we are actually going to focus on the seal, or also known as the rubber gasket, because that is the important piece to having a sealed container. If your cookie jar did not come with one, please reach out to us.



    As you can see, the lid is not sitting on as tight and that’s because the rubber gasket is sitting too high above the edge of the part of the lid that fits inside of the jar. The fix for this is to adjust the rubber gasket so that it’s sitting right on the edge of the lid. I am simply going to do this by using my hands to push it down but I want to be careful not to pull off the gasket completely because it gets a little tricky putting it back on. Once you’ve adjusted the rubber gasket, put it back on the cookie jar and voila! You have a tightly sealed cookie jar for all of your yummy treats. 



    You can always reach out to us at hello@outshineco.com with any questions.  Check out the video, too!