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    News — spring cleaning

    Spruce Up Your Home Office with These Budget Friendly Wall Art Ideas

    Spruce Up Your Home Office with These Budget Friendly Wall Art Ideas

    Whether you just started working at home over the past year, or have been working from home for years, your office should be more than just a chair and desk. Your workspace should inspire creativity and make you want to really dig in and get to work. No matter what room in your home you claim as your office, any room décor is incomplete without wall art.

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    Tidy Up the Heart of Your Home With These Pantry Organization Tips

    Tidy Up the Heart of Your Home With These Pantry Organization Tips

    The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where your family gathers to chat, cook, eat, and more. With people coming in and out of the kitchen and pantry, this often means these spaces are the quickest to become messy and disorganized. Here are a few tips to organizing the pantry and keeping it mess free.

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    Quarantine Clean-Up?  Yes please!

    Quarantine Clean-Up? Yes please!

    Now is the Perfect Time to Clean Up and Get Organized


    Have you been binging on Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix while you’re stuck at home? Are you ready to organize and clean things that you didn’t even realize needed to be organized and cleaned?

    We’re talking deep clean and major organization.

    It’s not as hard as it sounds and we’ve got a few tips to make it easy peasy.


    • Make a Checklist – It may sound unnecessary, but making a checklist will make the process so much easier. Stroll through your home and make a list of everything that needs to be organized and cleaned. Our journals are perfect to create your list in – both beautiful and functional. Once you have the list, group things together by task. For example, wash the shower curtain, bath mat, and kitchen towels.
    • Create a Schedule That Will Work for You – Once you’ve made your list, place them into your schedule – even if that means you will only work on a couple of tasks each day. You don’t have to try to tackle this project in a day or even one weekend.
    • Assemble a Cleaning Kit – This also goes along with creating your list. Having a checklist makes it easier to know what supplies you need to get the work done. What types of cleaners do you need? You likely need some paper towels, a mop, vacuum, tools to dust, etc. Go ahead and get these things together so you are ready to go once you get started.
    • Consider Renting Equipment – Many home improvement stores and even some grocery stores rent cleaning appliances by the hour. If you need one of these tools, rent a furniture steamer, floor polisher, pressure washer, carpet shampooer or others when elbow grease just isn’t going to cut it.


    Time to Tackle the Work


    Now that you’ve made your list and assembled the tools, it’s time to get started. Here are a few tips for tackling the list.


    • Start With the Laundry – Gather all the dirty clothes, rugs, and towels and take them to the laundry room. Start your first load of laundry, but don’t strip the beds yet.
    • Raid the Fridge – It’s likely that you have dirty dishes hiding in your refrigerator. Clean out those dishes as well as anything that is spoiled or past its expiration date. Give the freezer the same treatment. Consider organizing your kitchen using our utensil holder.
    • Wash the Dishes and Take Out the Trash – You don’t want that rotten food sitting in the trash or the dirty dishes in the sink. So, take out the trash and wash and put away all the dishes.
    • Don’t Forget the Window Treatments – If you have curtains that can be washed, put them in the washer and get those clean. Be sure to wipe down any blinds as well.
    • Work on Those Surfaces – Get rid of any clutter from your kitchen, dining room, and living room surfaces. Give your countertops a thorough wipe down and then dust all other flat surfaces. If you need some organization for your countertops or desk, try one of the pieces from our galvanized home collection.
    • Now for the Bathroom – Spray down the toilet, sink, and tub. Give them time to soak and then start wiping them down to clean them. This is also a good day to replace the toothbrushes and shower curtain if you haven’t done that in a while.
    • Wash the Bed Sheets – Strip all the sheets off the beds and wash and dry them while you tackle the next task.
    • Vacuum and Mop – While your bed linens are washing, vacuum and mop all your floors. After that is done, put all the beds back together.


    Now it’s time for the best part of cleaning and organizing your home. Sit down with and relax and admire your hard work. Need tips on how to create a deep cleaning schedule?  Check that out here!