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    Important Shipping Deadlines to Remember for the Holiday Season!

    Important Shipping Deadlines to Remember for the Holiday Season!

    Friends, country(wo)men- lend me your ears....

    We are in the HEAT of the holiday shopping season.  If you are like me, you have  a list as long as both of your arms detailing the packages you are expecting to receive in the upcoming days and weeks.  While gifts are NOT the reason for the season, they do add to the merriment, especially if you have children in your life. 

    Our friends at USPS, UPS and FedEx have given us some holiday shipping deadlines that it will important to adhere to this year. For regular shipping, FedEX and USPS say we need to order BY DECEMBER 15 to guarantee delivery for Christmas.  UPS has suspended delivery guarantees this year. There are more temporary workers than ever before in those organizations, and there are less drivers than in the past. This means they need more time than in the past to ensure your parcels arrive to you in time for the holidays. 

    If you are kind enough to shop small this season, please also remember that once a parcel leaves our hands, we no longer have control.  If something is lost in transit or delivered to the wrong place, please work with the carrier to locate your item or seek reimbursement.  

    Thank you for your understanding!  Please be patient and kind to all this holiday season, including the retail workers, online shopkeepers and delivery workers you encounter.  We appreciate you! 



    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Moms

    The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for Moms

    Let’s just be clear from the very beginning: Mom does not want those lotion and bath gift sets you’ll see prominently displayed at every store. They are tempting, though, because moms can be difficult to buy for. It doesn’t help when their answer to the question “What would you like for Christmas?” is so often, “All of my kids home and happy.” We’ve put together some ideas for those hard to buy for moms on your list that they’ll appreciate almost as much as just having their family around the table.

    Kitchen Organization

    If the moms in your life have been binge watching “The Home Edit,” like so many of us have, then some cute home organization tools would be perfect for her! These canisters (also available in white) will give her a jumpstart on organizing the kitchen. Plus, those gorgeous canisters will make holiday baking much easier.

    Mom & Child Journal


    We all know how important it is to write to Mom and make sure we get her knowledge and stories documented, but it’s hard to know how. This dual journal for mom and child to be completed and passed back and forth will create charming memories for years to come. Each page has prompts, so children ages 7 to 107 can enjoy this keepsake communication with Mom. Best of all, this gift is perfect whether you live in the same house or on opposite sides of the globe.


    Jewelry Organizer

    Available in multiple finishes, this beautiful jewelry organizer is sure to be a hit! Mom will finally be able to untangle all those necklaces and find that matching earring. Plus, she’ll have an organized place to keep nail polish, perfume, and other accessories on the cute shelf. Pair it with a new bauble or an offer to install it for her and your gift is complete!

    Sewing Station


    For the crafty mom, this convenient little sewing station will quickly become her favorite gift. It includes a pin cushion, a slot for sewing scissors, and plenty of storage inside for thread, measuring tape, buttons, and any other tools Mom might want handy. She’ll enjoy this pretty little sewing assistant and you will likely get to enjoy the resulting projects!


    Bathroom Humor

    If Mom has a sense of humor, and especially if she’s potty training or surrounded by boys, these bathroom signs are a necessity. If you really want to impress her, you’ll also include an offer to clean the bathroom, though you can also just have them framed and ready to go. Either way, she’ll definitely appreciate these signs. This one might just make dad giggle, too! 

    Treat Yourself


    Now that you’ve scored the best gifts for the moms you love, it’s time to treat yourself to this adorable cookie tin (cookies, unfortunately, not included) from which to enjoy your favorite treats while you get those gifts all wrapped. Let us know which gifts were a hit for the moms on your list. Happy holidays!