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    The Chiefs are the Champs!!!

    The Chiefs are the Champs!!!

    Quick moment of introduction, just so the title of this blog makes sense. 

    Yes, Outshine Co is based in Minnesota.  Home of the NFL MN Vikings.  Now that is out of the way.....

    For those of you that may not know us personally, Outshine is a small group of powerful women.  Kara is our owner, founder & all-around force of nature. 

    Mina is our glue.  She keeps the customers happy, is a heck of a stylist & when she isn't working with Outshine, she is a boss in her own right.  Check out her business, the Sweet Collective.  

    Jessica helps us manage it all in China.  She is still celebrating the New Year right now, although I think celebrating is a bit of a stretch, given the coronavirus scare happening right now. 

    I'm Keri, and I handle marketing and new channel development.  I also lived in Kansas City for about 10 years, so you can imagine how excited I was when the Arrowhead gang made it to the Super Bowl.  And then won.  And now you understand the title of this blog. 

    One of our little side businesses here at Outshine is a print-on-demand tee shirt business.  We don't advertise it much, and truth be told, we really don't focus on it quite the way we should.  But Super Bowl + Chiefs..... I had to do something. 

    Check out these cute shirts I worked up to celebrate!  Pick one up if you are as excited about the win as I am. 


    Grab your celebratory tee here!

     Grab this one here


    Grab this one here

    Grab this one here

    And finally, grab this one here.   All are $19.99. 

    And keep your eyes here.  We just might have a few celebratory tee shirts coming soon, as well!  

    Free: December Calendar & Wallpaper Downloads Now Available

    Free: December Calendar & Wallpaper Downloads Now Available

    The start of a new month means it is time for a new wallpaper or calendar. We’ve got you covered! Choose your favorite format below & download it. Calendars in laptop or mobile versions, with both Sunday & Monday start. And of course, there is just the pretty wallpaper if you don’t need the calendar backdrop. Click on the version (or versions) you like below to download!  Sunday Start Blue Silver Star Calendar Laptop

    Click here to go to the Blue & Silver Downloads for Desk or Laptop.  Available in Sunday or Monday start, or just as wallpaper without the calendar. 

    Click here to go to the same for mobile. 

    Click here for the desk or laptop version in red and green.  

    Click here for the same in the mobile version! 

    Thanksgiving Recipe Thoughts for your Family Feast

    Thanksgiving Recipe Thoughts for your Family Feast

    The holiday season is just around the corner, and many of us are planning our family get-togethers.

    This means lots of recipe searching, cooking, and eating.

    There are a variety of creative and tasty Thanksgiving recipes out there, and we’re always amazed by the inspiration and delicious food that people whip up. Our recipe cards and box are the perfect way to save the best ones you find. From cakes, cocktails, dips, cheesecake, spreads, appetizers, side dishes, and more, it can hold them all. Whether you are a baker, chef, grillmaster, or whatever title you give yourself, here are some of our top picks to try out this Thanksgiving season.


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