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    Getting Creative with Recipe Cards and Sheets

    Getting Creative with Recipe Cards and Sheets

    I have a question for you, friends.  How do you organize your recipes?  

    If you are like I used to be, you had a loosly- organized folder with papers sort of shoved in at odd angles.  Not cute.  Not easy to use.  Not organized.  At. ALL. 

    In an effort to make recipe organization a fun and easy task, we now have three sizes of recipe cards to choose from.  Our original, 4"x6", that fit nicely in our recipe boxes, a 3"x5" for those of you using a smaller recipe box or binder with plastic sheets, and a full page 8.5" x11", also for those fun binders. 

    Our friend Brenda, on instagram as the eccentric homemaker has used our lemon recipe cards and sheets to inspire a fun recipe of lemon cookies!  Take a quick watch of her video here! 


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