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    2022 Printable Calendar Now Available!

    2022 Printable Calendar Now Available!

    Can you believe it is almost 2022?  Where does the time go? 

    If you are looking for a way to get organized and keep it pretty, we have a special treat!  Normally, we post our downloadable calendars/ wallpapers monthly, but as a thank you for your support in this challenging year, I've gone ahead and created a printable calendar that you can download and print now that will get you through the entire year! 

    This one is just Sunday start for now- but we will have downloads coming later that cover both Sunday and Monday start, so don't you worry. 

    Want to see what it looks like?  See all of the months in our quick video here: 

    Grab your whole calendar file here

    Salt and pepper shakers on white background

    Having trouble with your salt & pepper shakers? Let us help!

    Hi friends.  We often get questions about our salt and pepper shakers.  Yes, they are big. No, they do not have screw on lids.  Instead, they come with a rubber gasket to create a nice. airtight seal.  If you are unsure how to use the gasket to ensure the strongest possible seal read below!  Or watch this quick video.

    1. Make sure the gasket is placed in the ridge on the body of the salt or pepper shaker.  Move it gently so that it sits very near the top of that ridge, so little to no space exists between the top edge of the ridge and the rubber gasket. 

    2. Start with filling the shakers half way, and test the connection of the gasket over a plate or bowl before using on food to ensure that seal is strong. 

    3. If the connection is not as strong as you would like, turn the gasket so the ridged side faces the shaker. 

    4. Give the lid a solid smack when you place it on the body.  

    That's it!  Enjoy your new farmhouse shakers! 



    Important Shipping Deadlines to Remember for the Holiday Season!

    Important Shipping Deadlines to Remember for the Holiday Season!

    Friends, country(wo)men- lend me your ears....

    We are in the HEAT of the holiday shopping season.  If you are like me, you have  a list as long as both of your arms detailing the packages you are expecting to receive in the upcoming days and weeks.  While gifts are NOT the reason for the season, they do add to the merriment, especially if you have children in your life. 

    Our friends at USPS, UPS and FedEx have given us some holiday shipping deadlines that it will important to adhere to this year. For regular shipping, FedEX and USPS say we need to order BY DECEMBER 15 to guarantee delivery for Christmas.  UPS has suspended delivery guarantees this year. There are more temporary workers than ever before in those organizations, and there are less drivers than in the past. This means they need more time than in the past to ensure your parcels arrive to you in time for the holidays. 

    If you are kind enough to shop small this season, please also remember that once a parcel leaves our hands, we no longer have control.  If something is lost in transit or delivered to the wrong place, please work with the carrier to locate your item or seek reimbursement.  

    Thank you for your understanding!  Please be patient and kind to all this holiday season, including the retail workers, online shopkeepers and delivery workers you encounter.  We appreciate you!